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Certified Nursing Assistants

Avoid CNA Job Burnout With These Effective Tips

May 3 2016, 11:59am

Posted by Elliott

Avoid CNA Job Burnout With These Effective Tips

It happens to even the most dedicated and professional certified nursing assistants. After years, or even months, of dealing with the dynamics CNAs are faced with on a daily basis, job burnout is a common occurrence. However, when a CNA hits this dreaded mental block, it can be disastrous for the health and rehabilitation of patients. While avoiding job burnout is unique for all professionals, a certified nursing assistant may avoid this potentially harmful mental state by following several tips as seen here.

The following tips and pieces of advice are meant to help guide you to a more healthy state of mind while working. Of course, you may need to adjust these tips or come up with your own methods for avoiding job burnout. Remember, you are an essential part to the entire nursing process. While you may feel under-appreciated at times, its important to constantly be reminded that you are vital and important.

Tip #1: Take a Mental Health Day

There are times when you cant even imagine stepping into work. While you must suffer through many days of feeling this, if you feel your mental stability is in question, then it may be time to take a mental health day. Of course, you cant take these days regularly; however, itís an important step to protect your mind and functionality at work. Generally speaking, you should only take a mental health day once every three to four months. Thankfully, there's many holidays sprinkled in throughout these days.

Tip #2: Change Your Daily Expectations

While you may not be able to completely change your daily schedule, there are some tips to help keep from burning out. These may include to change the area within the facility you commonly work in. Certified nursing assistants often grow weary of the tasks they must do. If possible, speak with your supervisor about being assigned to different patients or a completely different wing within the facility. This may be the fresh start your mind needs to avoid burnout.

Tip #3: Approach Work Duties Differently

Approaching your work duties differently may be an effective way to avoid job burnout as a certified nursing assistant. Instead of performing the same duties the same way or at the same time throughout the day, try switching it up as much as possible. Adding a unique variation to your day can sometimes be enough to ward off job burnout. Modifying your schedule, such as working morning shifts instead of night shifts may be an excellent option, if that's available to you.

Tip #4: Find a New Employer

If you've tried everything to avoid job burnout, but you cant simply bring yourself to go to work another day, then it may be time for a dramatic approach. Instead of drudging through your daily work, maybe its time to find a new employer. Sometimes working in a new facility can provide the challenges and change needed to keep your mind interested and involved throughout your daily tasks. Of course, this may not be an option for everyone and it should be kept as a last resort. The last thing you want is your resume to have many jobs where you only worked there for a couple of months at a time.

Tip #5: Consider Becoming an LPN

Moving from a CNA to LPN is a sensible career choice. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the daily drudgery of Nursing Assistant work, you can ramp up your career by pursuing Licensed Practical Nurse classes, typically in the form of a bridge program. These CNA to LPN programs can open up a new area of nursing for you, which may break the mold of your former CNA life and lead to a renewed passion for the nursing field. To learn more about CNA to LPN programs look at this site where you can locate local training oportunities.